Wardrobe Staple: Plastic Backpack

Hello ji. This is a post that's been coming a long time. The little following I have on this cyber space knows how much I love my transparent backpack.  Now, backpacks in general are a wardrobe staple if you ask me; they boost your outfit's coolio points + they're very functional, but there's just something… Continue reading Wardrobe Staple: Plastic Backpack


Wardrobe Staple: Scuffed Sneakers

Hello ji. I'm sure you all know why I'm sharing​ this with you. If you go through my #OOTDs, you'll find the scuffed white leather Converse low-tops I have an emotional attachment to. What can I say? I love my scuffs. While sneakers in good condition are amazing on any outfit, there's just something about… Continue reading Wardrobe Staple: Scuffed Sneakers

Treasures From My Grandmother

Blue Coral. For the longest time I assumed all coral jewelry was some shade of red. Until one day. Granny pulled out her rather large box of treasure and pulled out Blue Coral. This Author isn't necessarily given to naming jewelry pieces, but this piece; its priceless. Blue Coral is a most exquisite vintage choker… Continue reading Treasures From My Grandmother