#OOTD: All Black Errthang 

Hello ji. I don't have that many black clothes, and that is a problem because I feel like going all black a lot, but yunno dark colours finessed. Anyway, this is an outfit I wore to church last week, but with a grey T-shirt. It was fun recycling it. I even had makeup on the… Continue reading #OOTD: All Black Errthang 


#OOTD: Rain Rebel

Hello ji. Lagos weather has been trying to prevent me from being who I really am. The nonstop rain is just ugh! I've been drenched about three times and it's so painful because I'm a good person and I don't deserve such mean treatment, but on Thor's Day I decided that no amount of downpour… Continue reading #OOTD: Rain Rebel

#OOTD: Hobo Chic + Happiness

Hello ji. This is probably my favourite #OOTD yet because I was so happy wearing this outfit.  So on Tuesday, I woke up to get ready for school and well I wasn't​sure what I wanted to wear. It was almost traumatic. Almost.  I'd gone through almost all my clothes when a miracle happened: a vintage… Continue reading #OOTD: Hobo Chic + Happiness

One Dress. Two Ways.

Hello Ji. I do believe we're all doing great and being happy. I'm here with another sharing to do. When we buy clothes, do we buy them with the possibilities running through our heads or we just buy with the confidence or hope that the cut flatters our bodies and makes us look the ultimate… Continue reading One Dress. Two Ways.

#OOTD: Overdose on Confidence

Namaste! It's Friday!!  (See what I did there ;), I should totally rap).  Anyway, it's the last day of the week, the day we sit back and just kick it or go to work or school. It's a weekday.   Usually, Fridays are my busiest days of school, but for some reason, I'm jobless today -… Continue reading #OOTD: Overdose on Confidence