Blue Coral is a little online space with pieces curated by Eseosa Belo-Osagie.

This little space is my way of sharing my expressions through fashion and stuff with the rest of the world (hopefully I can change some paradigms too). This space is named after my favourite treasure: A blue coral choker given to me by my grandmother and I call it Blue Coral.

Eseosa Belo-Osagie i.e Me is a model, writer, muse, creator of content, Bollywood freak etc. I enjoy fashion and self-expression and Jon Bellion, but most of all, as much as I deny it in person, I like to share my expressions with the world. I’m also currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Fisheries from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and I’m 200 years old.

Lets all hope I can impart some wisdom into you and you can also pour into me – being 200 doesn’t mean I know it all yunno *wink*