Hello ji.

Today, I’m sharing with you a gem I found – or rather, a gem that found me.

My dress sense is somewhat unconventional especially in this part of the world, so I get really excited when I receive positive feedback. So, one day (about a month ago) I logged in to Instagram and I found a DM from @ajanee_studio telling how he’d noticed my style and I fit his ideal for the Ajanée woman and he’d like to collaborate with me; I’d never heard of him and we were not following each other so it piqued my curiousity that someone I didn’t know wanted my style on their clothes. We set up a meeting and I was blown away by the pieces I saw.

Ajanée is a newborn fashion house run by Luqman Ajani, a Geology student of the University of Lagos. Luqman is very unassuming and honestly very humble. He’s also super talented and he taught himself to sew. According to him, he wasn’t sure he would find a tailor that could bring his designs to life, so he dusted off the old sewing machine that lay fallow at home, and taught himself to give life to his art. 

Ajanée Studio’s​ first collection has just a few bespoke pieces designed and sewn by Luqman, the Creative Director. I was fortunate enough to wear some of them yesterday and we had mad vibes; Luqman and I and his phone camera. 

I absolutely love the lace blouse and palazzo pants; the man has an eye for quality material, I’ll tell you that.

Next is this lace up dress. We styled it with one of my current favourite skirts. First off, we layered the dress and the skirt (which I enjoyed more; thank you for asking), then I tucked in and the dress functioned as a top: Bella.

Last but certainly not least, is this lace slip dress. It’s wonderful really. Luqman just has a magic he brings to the clothes and it’s beautiful to behold; Ene and Bena can testify to that. You can find Ajanée Studio on Instagram @ajanee_studio; you won’t regret it and also watch this space for the Eseosa Belo-Osagie x Ajanée Studio collaboration 💜. 

खोदा हफीज



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