#OOTD: All Black Errthang 

Hello ji.

I don’t have that many black clothes, and that is a problem because I feel like going all black a lot, but yunno dark colours finessed.

Anyway, this is an outfit I wore to church last week, but with a grey T-shirt. It was fun recycling it. I even had makeup on the second time. 

I got a lot of different reactions for this one. Some people thought I was overdressed, others just assumed I wasn’t feeling alright, but it’s all good *throws hands in the air and waves it like I just don’t care*.

I threw this outfit together after thinking about how I’d worn my fishnets with short skirts, but not with any other skirt lengths and it seemed so unfair + I was in T-shirt mode that fine day and so I put them together.

The t-shirt I wore is an ‘I 💚 Maybelline’ one I got for participating in the Unilag edition of Imperial Leather’s Face of Luxury competition (Second Runner Up, just in case you were wondering 😎) and the skirt is from a friend who’s just a tad smaller than I am.

I threw in my fishnets and le Dr Martens because why not? It looked good and I felt great. I even got an “I like your style”; not bad for a me. Anyway, with le DIVIDED Aztec print bag and le staple Ankara earrings, and a little makeup; I was ready to go and make the world mine!

I felt amazing in this outfit yo! I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt.

I was wearing what I wanted to wear regardless of the reactions I knew I would get and it was mad fun. 

Wear what makes you happy; the happiness you get from it issa madness.

खोदा हफीज



2 thoughts on “#OOTD: All Black Errthang ”

  1. Lolol, people’s reactions though. I get weird stares all the time. At times even laughter but I’m just trying to do me how I know for real. And I’m with that person on this; I’m in love with your style. Stay wavesss.


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