#OOTD: Rain Rebel

Hello ji.

Lagos weather has been trying to prevent me from being who I really am. The nonstop rain is just ugh! I’ve been drenched about three times and it’s so painful because I’m a good person and I don’t deserve such mean treatment, but on Thor’s Day I decided that no amount of downpour would stop me from being my true self. I dressed up.

I had to add my hood just in case the rain heard my silent rebellion, but the hood had to come off eventually.

I wore a button – down denim skirt and a Rolling Stones merch wife beater that says ‘The Rolling Stones, Grrrrr'(pretty cool, yeah 😎😎). My older sister got me the wife beater, and I got the skirt at the Makama Hall Week Trade Fair for ₦500 (a total steal). I’ve never worn a wife beater with a skirt before, and I wasn’t going to, but it was lying neglected on my bed and I felt so sorry for it and tried it on with my skirt and the result was awesome.

I threw in my fishnets and a pair of Dr Martens and I came out looking so fly. My staple Ankara earrings and plastic backpack were in the mix as usual with a faux septum ring to switch it up a bit. I had a leopard print bralet on under my wife beater and the combo of that with the little side boob (turns out I’m not completely useless in the body department) made me feel a whole lot hotter than I am so I may or may not have catwalked the length and breadth of the University of Lagos – see ehn, don’t judge me; my classes were all cancelled and it just seemed wrong to waste such amazing outfit. I was asked a couple of times if I was going out or something; Nigerians don’t consider fishnets and Dr Martens to have day outfit functionality (😭), but I enjoyed my grunge day out challenging the never-ending Lagos rainfall. 

खोदा हफीज



3 thoughts on “#OOTD: Rain Rebel”

  1. Yoooo, I can so attest to the weather raining on my proposed parade. Like I literally had to hide my summer body under layers of clothes but I made sure I had fun with it.
    But you faced it brazenly and this look rad 👌👌


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