Hello ji. Today, I'm sharing with you a gem I found - or rather, a gem that found me. My dress sense is somewhat unconventional especially in this part of the world, so I get really excited when I receive positive feedback. So, one day (about a month ago) I logged in to Instagram and… Continue reading Ajanée.


#OOTD: All Black Errthang 

Hello ji. I don't have that many black clothes, and that is a problem because I feel like going all black a lot, but yunno dark colours finessed. Anyway, this is an outfit I wore to church last week, but with a grey T-shirt. It was fun recycling it. I even had makeup on the… Continue reading #OOTD: All Black Errthang 

Wardrobe Staple: Plastic Backpack

Hello ji. This is a post that's been coming a long time. The little following I have on this cyber space knows how much I love my transparent backpack.  Now, backpacks in general are a wardrobe staple if you ask me; they boost your outfit's coolio points + they're very functional, but there's just something… Continue reading Wardrobe Staple: Plastic Backpack

The Hippest Trip in America…

Hello ji. Fashion is a just a big ol' cycle as we all know. What issa madness to us right now was once - in some form or other - hip or cool or rad to another generation before us. For this reason I have decided to add the category I call 'Days of the… Continue reading The Hippest Trip in America…