#OOTD: Pink

Hello ji.
I’m sure we’re all feeling coolio. This is another of my favourite clothes I’m about to share with you (we’re family now *tear*).

Momma bought me this last year at IJK Stores (thrift store in Surulere) while shoe shopping for my brother’s wedding.

Honestly, pink is not my favourite colour, but the fit of the dress is just the cutest thing.  You all know my love for oversized clothes and this is one of those dresses. I was pretty surprised when momma agreed to get me the dress (she can’t understand why anyone in their right mind would want to wear anything that doesn’t properly fit them), but she loves me (even though she’s constantly denying it 😭) so she did.

The dress is really cute and well, I was kinda behind on my laundry so, yeah it was a good choice and it was clean.

I’m wearing a different choker this time though – a diamante one I’ve owned for three years, my scuffed sneakers – AGAIN – and my plastic backpack.

If you look closely, you can see the head of my phone charger. My Ankara earrings are on again because. And I’m never fully dressed without a smiiiiiiilllllleeeeee so I smiled.

Oh, and some pretty normal people told me I looked good 😉

Anyway, you should smile more

खोदा हफीज



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