#OOTD: Hobo Chic + Happiness

Hello ji.

This is probably my favourite #OOTD yet because I was so happy wearing this outfit. 

So on Tuesday, I woke up to get ready for school and well I wasn’t​sure what I wanted to wear. It was almost traumatic. Almost.

 I’d gone through almost all my clothes when a miracle happened: a vintage shirt I hadn’t worn in forever surfaced. Now, my next dilemma was what to pair it with and God gave me another miracle: the white Bohemian midi skirt I hated when my mother first bought it for me. 


I won’t lie; I almost didn’t let myself be great for fear of how my outfit would be perceived, but you can’t fight who you really are, now can you? What I enjoyed the most about this outfit was the layering. I haven’t really ever tried layering an outfit, but this time wasn’t half bad.


Of course, this outfit had my favourite wardrobe staples as accessories: My favourite plastic backpack and my – drumrollllll – scuffed white leather Converse low-tops. I threw in a yellow bead anklet in the mix because you know, it only sseemed right. And finally, I added the biggest smile I could muster because like Sia sang, you’re never fully dressed without a smiiiiiiilllllleeeeee. 

So there it is; my hobo chic outfit that I enjoyed so much. Find something to make you as happy as looking like a fashion forward hippie hobo made me.


खोदा हफीज


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