Wardrobe Staple: Scuffed Sneakers

Hello ji.

I’m sure you all know why I’m sharing​ this with you. If you go through my #OOTDs, you’ll find the scuffed white leather Converse low-tops I have an emotional attachment to. What can I say? I love my scuffs.

While sneakers in good condition are amazing on any outfit, there’s just something about scuffed up sneakers that adds an extra chutzpah to the outfit and of all my friends, only Ene understands this – everybody else keeps telling me to get them cleaned (someone even suggested rubbing alcohol 😭)

I’m partial to scuffed white sneakers because, well duh; I own a pair. My dad got me my converses when I was fourteen, on a trip to Togo. Back then, they were a spotless white and I was obsessed with keeping them that way, but you see laziness does things to you and well my obsession fizzled out. Over the years my sneakers got more scuffs and I decided to look at them as battle scars more than flaws. 

I’m a vintage grunge girl and scuffs aren’t a bad thing for me. My sneakers add a certain character to my outfits so yeah, Scuffed Sneakers are a wardrobe staple for me – especially if they’re white leather Converse low-tops 😉
खोदा हफीज



4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Staple: Scuffed Sneakers”

  1. Hmmn. Looks like my black converse sneakers aren’t scuffed enough. I’ll bring them to you. Scuffing goddess.


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