One Dress. Two Ways.

Hello Ji.

I do believe we’re all doing great and being happy. I’m here with another sharing to do.

When we buy clothes, do we buy them with the possibilities running through our heads or we just buy with the confidence or hope that the cut flatters our bodies and makes us look the ultimate million dollar question? 

I buy them with the latter in mind most times. As a cheaskate, I must be loyal to the cause and get value for my pennies. 

My most recent steal is a For Joseph dress I got at the Makama Hall Week Trade Fair in school. According to Ene, “it’s so fine, it looks like something you’d get on Asos for £40.” Thankfully, I didn’t have to break my bank for it. I got this awesome piece for – *drumroll* wait for it – ₦800. I went to that fair with a friend looking for a birthday dress, but God had other plans for me yunno. 

Of course, it was only right to be a showstopper the following day because I’m petty. I was trying to get le friend to buy it for le birthday, but she didn’t like it so I took the law into my hands.

I wore my dress to school, only for lectures to be cancelled, so I did what I always do: I walked round the University of Lagos. My dress is a halter necked midi denim dress with a cut-out back. I figured I couldn’t go to class with my back all over the place so I threw on an oversized shirt I stole from my mother. My Ankara earrings make an appearance again as does le DIVIDED Aztec print drawstring bag and my beloved scuffed white leather Converse low-tops. 

I walked everywhere in this outfit. I made sure I didn’t waste it. And towards the end of the day, I took off momma’s shirt, and let my back be what it really is: Sexy. Sadly, there’s no visual proof of my hotness.

I wore my dress today, once again this morning to choir rehearsals. 

 This time though, I coupled it with an H&M sheer blouse, faux pearl earrings and my favorite pair of slippers (birthday gift from momma 💜). Excuse my face in the picture; I’m a bit of a potato sometimes. 

So which look do you prefer? Personally, I enjoyed being muy caliente with the first outfit, but I must say I enjoyed the second one more. It’s just more Flower Child yunno.

Comment and let me know which one you like more. You can also connect with me on Instagram: .

अल्लाह हफीज, खोदा हफीज



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