#OOTD: Overdose on Confidence

Namaste! It’s Friday!! 

(See what I did there ;), I should totally rap).

 Anyway, it’s the last day of the week, the day we sit back and just kick it or go to work or school. It’s a weekday. 

 Usually, Fridays are my busiest days of school, but for some reason, I’m jobless today – I didn’t know this is till I got to school so it’s bittersweet. I’d go back to my hostel to sleep, but that would be a waste of so much print so I’m still here thinking of where I’m walking to next.

Today’s outfit is literally a print overdose. Print dress, bag and earrings (someone actually called me aside to tell me how extra it was, but YOLO.)

 I’m quite happy today ain’t nobody gon’ bring this  brown baby down.

The dress is a hand-me-down I received from a roommate when I was in Year 1. It’s a pretty cool dress and it’s versatility as a piece of clothing is my favourite part of it. My earrings, I also got when I was in Year 1 at a natural hair conference for ₦500. 

 I’m rocking a pair of scuffed white leather Converse low-top sneakers with this because why not? (Thank you Daddy). The bag is a black and white Aztec print drawstring from DIVIDED. 

 You can get le frames I’m wearing from unisoftwears.com and last but most certainly not least is Blue Coral making me feel like £1,000,000 as she rests around my neck.

 It’s Friday and I’m confident; it’s the day of the week I get to kick back and sleep like a newborn. 

What are you doing? Drop comments below. 

अल्लाह हफीज, खोदा हफीज



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