Treasures From My Grandmother

Blue Coral.

For the longest time I assumed all coral jewelry was some shade of red. Until one day. Granny pulled out her rather large box of treasure and pulled out Blue Coral.
This Author isn’t necessarily given to naming jewelry pieces, but this piece; its priceless. Blue Coral is a most exquisite vintage choker of blue coral (duh).
I received Blue Coral as a precious heirloom. Granny had kept it for over four decades – there’s a reason I call her jewelry box a box of treasure. Back then, I had just discovered my love for chokers and I was obsessed. Chokers were the staple jewelry item. Little did I know there was a genetic explanation for my iconic sense of style.

“Eseosa! Come here, there’s something I want to show you”

“Coming, Granny”

I found her sitting in her room, surrounded by beautiful pieces of jewelry and I remember thinking “They don’t make them like this anymore”. She called me closer and told me to close my eyes.

“You can open your eyes now”

I gasped. I hadn’t seen anything so exquisite in my life. I put it on and I was sure that even the Queen of the United Kingdom couldn’t hold a torch to me in all her finest finery. I had to be torn away from the mirror that day.
Blue Coral still makes me feel better than royalty.

A good piece of jewelry does that, I believe.


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